We are pleased to announce that we are ready to move your account to our new, faster, improved Cloud. You can find information on the performance of the new Cloud versus the old one at https://www.fluccs.com.au/australian...fastest-cloud/

This migration will take place Saturday Night 22nd April from 9pm AEST (Brisbane time)

The migration is expected to take between 6 and 8 hours, and there will be some downtime during this process.

The new server will be running the latest Centos 7.x 64 bit Operating System and the latest version of cPanel, ensuring better load controls to prevent any future outages and issues.

This platform is the leading hosting system in Australia and will ensure our quality of service to you our client is not only maintained but increased.

After the upgrade all accounts will have access to free SSL certificates (unless they already have an SSL installed).

This migration will also pave the way for new features that will improve website visibility on search engines as well as load time improvements.

You do need to ensure that your site(s) are up-to-date with latest versions of scripts to ensure security and compatibility in the future.

Apart from these updates there is no requirement for you to do anything.

Usernames and password for clients’ accounts, emails etc will not change!

Once again we must stress that if your site is not running the latest version of any scripts that are installed on the site it could well break and you must upgrade your site prior to the move. This is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway in order to ensure it is secure

If anyone has any queries or concerns regarding this issue and our approach to this, we ask that you please open a support ticket from your Client Area at https://clients.fluccs.com.au .

The Fluccs Team