Please find below a summary of the recent issues that have affected our network.

During the Christmas break there was an issue with the primary router having packet loss, we switched to the secondary router and once we got back in January, we performed diagnostics on the primary router and then sent it to the vendor to repair.

On Monday we received the router back from the vendor and installed it at the data centre. However, we were seeing similar issues with packet loss. At the same time, over the weekend, the secondary router (currently the active one) started to randomly reboot itself.

Yesterday afternoon we were running some tests on the primary router with the vendor technician when the secondary router started rebooting itself. It is at that stage that vendor's tech identified a bug in the firmware and an emergency update was performed.

This seemed to have resolved the issue with the secondary router and we continued to run tests on the primary. Just after midnight this morning the secondary router crashed and would not come up, at this stage we had to reconfigure the primary router and put it in production even though it was still having packet loss.

First thing this morning we contacted the vendor technician and after extensive debugging we were able to resolve the issue on the primary router.

At this stage the primary router works as expected while on the secondary we need to run some diagnostics and establish if it is a software or a hardware problem. Then we can look to resolve the problem and add it back to the router cluster.

Our apologies for the inconvenience but we as you can see we are working hand in hand with the hardware vendor to fully resolve this.

If you experience any issues please open a ticket from your client area.